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Mini Soccer at Wideopen Football Club

Girls and Boys – Under 7s – Under 10s

Mini soccer is the entry level of football played in the UK. Mini soccer is all about enjoying yourself, learning the game and experiencing what it’s like playing in a team. To encourage the growth of Mini Soccer, Wideopen Football Club have a strong mini-soccer section within their organisation.

The emphasis of this structure will be to get more children playing and enjoying football. All too often, children are told they are not good enough for particular teams or spend way too long on the sidelines waiting for their turn to play. At Wideopen, we will always try to find a child a place in a team, no matter what their ability is. In Mini Soccer, there will be no trials and if there is space on a team, then we will look to fill it with new players.

As well as focussing on children enjoying football, we also look for youth coaches to begin their coaching experience in Mini Soccer. Within our structure we aim to identify a parent-helper who is willing to become a volunteer Team Secretary thus taking the paperwork element of running a team away from the young coaches. This allows them to concentrate on what they want to do in the first place…coach football. The young coaches will regularly have training sessions with other experienced coaches to help their development, as well as providing a better level of training for all the children involved in playing at Mini Soccer level. The club's Welfare Officers will work alongside the Mini Soccer coaches to ensure all children are happy at the club and help keep it that way.

If this sounds like a club that your child would like to join and learn to play football, please feel free to contact one of our coaches.

If this sounds like a club where you would like to coach or begin to coach, please also contact the club. All coaches will be guided through the relevant qualifications and training. They will also gain experience with the club so they can provide a great level of coaching to the players.

If you are a parent of one of our players and could help out by taking on the role of Team Secretary, please speak to one of the coaches or contact the committee on info@wideopenfc.net and we will explain what this involves. It is not a difficult role and would help tremendously.

Mini Soccer Barbecue

Mini Soccer Barbecue